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  • What is an SVG document?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are XML vector image formats for 2D graphics that supports animation and interactivity. SVG pictures and behavior of them are described within XML Text files. SVG files can be edited using any text editor because they’re XML files. Modern web browsers support SVG files and create their own markup. SVG can be used to create vector-based graphics for the Web and define the graphic using the XML format. The files don’t diminish in quality when adjusted or zoomed. Each element and attribute in the SVG file is able to be animated. SVG files are backed by an W3C recommendation and are compatible into other W3C standards like the DOM and XSL.

  • What’s a PNG image ?

PNG pronounced ping is a format for storing bitmapped (raster) images on computers. It was created originally to replace the GIF file format when it was announced that the companies who created the GIF format wanted royalties. PNG uses indexed colors and lossless compression (like a .GIF file), but without those copyright limitations; it cannot be animated like a GIF image.

  • How to convert a SVG to PNG file? 

  • Select the SVG file that you would like to convert.
  • Choose PNG as the format you wish to convert your SVG image to.
  • Select “Convert” in order to transform your SVG file.

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