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BMP also known as the Bitmap Image Extension and PNG or Portable Network Graphics are two of the most popular images storage and accessibility formats across the globe. It is common for people the need to transform BMP to PNG because of the variety of applications for which it’s utilized. There are many online tools and offline programs that support this conversion in high-quality.

  • What is a BMP ?

BMP stands for Bitmap; this image extension creates images pixel by pixel and puts it together to make the final image. This is a decompressed file extension. On the other hand, PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. This is in many ways, an advanced version of the BMP image that was made to increase the usability of an image. As you know, they are both image storage formats, and you will note a lot of similarities between them, the significant difference is noticeable, in the manner of storage and usage. If you are comparing which one is better, you should know that BMP is perhaps the oldest graphic format; hence, any judgments should be made after considering this fact.

  • What is a PNG ?

PNG, also known as Portable Network Graphics is an extension of raster images that is basically a part of Bitmap images, which makes them interconnected. Since Bitmap images could not be edited PNG was developed to accommodate these needs. Images in PNG are correctly compressed which makes them much smaller as BMP images. They are widely utilized in animation and graphic design. It was specifically designed to permit the transfers of images across the internet. It supports pallet-based images that have 24-bit RGB or at times 32 bits RGBA colors. One of the major factors behind its wide usage is that it doesn’t impact the quality of the image despite compressing and sharing. It also permits transparency of images of which, you can move or copy the PNG image over an image and use it as a background PNG images.

  • Which method do I use to convert BMP into PNG?

  • Step 1. Add BMP Images that You Want to Convert
  • Step 2. Select the Format (PNG) that You Want Your Images to be Converted
  • Step 3. Start the Conversion Process-Convert BMP to PNG


  • What is the reason to convert BMP files into PNG files ?

BMP file, also known as a bitmap is a raster-based image that was developed by Microsoft to be used on Windows operating systems. BMP files are supported by numerous applications across each of Microsoft as well as Apple systems, and are commonly utilized for digital photographs. Because they are raster file that are built on pixels, not formulas, and therefore cannot be scaled indefinitely. However, they are extremely quality image files that can store lots of data, and they can be compressed without losing them, or any color detail. That means that the size of the files could be rather huge.

  • Usage

Usability is a key criterion while comparing 2 different image extensions. The usability of an extension means how many ways can an image be used and whether or not it will be supported across different platforms.

PNG – PNG images are widely used around the world for different purposes. It allows easy usage and readability and can be edited further for more details. PNG cannot be printed as they lack CMYK support and are large in size. They are heavily used in making stills graphics, logos etc. due to the fact that they support transparency. They can be easily shared over the internet and can be used across multiple platforms.

BMP – Bitmap images are exclusively used in windows based operating system and cannot be shared over the internet due to their large size and the fact that they are not supported on many devices. If you do not have a windows device, then you may need to download separate software for accessing this file. This format doesn’t allow any kind of editing as well.

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