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  • What is an AI image?

A vector image made using Adobe Illustrator. It is composed of lines that connect dots. It is utilized in SMI and in the creation of logotypes. They are able to be improved without losing quality as they don’t contain raster image data. AI is comprised of an identification string, a header and graphic objects. It lets you present graphics in the EPS format.

The earlier version of the AI format were restricted syntaxes that conform to DSC’s Open Structuring Conventions. It was initially a native format, known as PGF. Compatible PDFs can be created by incorporating PGF data into the PDF file saved. The same method is employed for to save compatible EPS files the most recent versions of Illustrator

  • What is a PNG image?

PNG is a raster-based graphics data storage format that employs an algorithm that is lossless for compression called Deflate. PNG was designed as a non-profit format that could replace GIF. PNG is compatible with three primary kinds of raster images that are grayscale image, indexed color image and color image. The PNG format stores graphic data in a compressed form.

PNG images are, in many ways, better than GIFs as they have an 8-bit transparency channels, which allows the colors of an image to change from opaque to transparent. . GIF images are only compatible with completely opaque or fully transparent pixels. PNG can support 24 bit RGB colour palettes as well as RGB or grayscale images

  • How do I convert the AI to PNG?

There is a variety of ways to convert the AI file to the format of a PNG. The most straightforward and simple method is to perform a manual conversion by using Adobe Illustrator software program. If you are not able to access Adobe Illustrator, don’t worry we’ll provide alternative methods as well. To convert this image start by opening your AI file you would like to convert in Illustrator. Select the part of the image that you wish to convert, and then click the File tab and then Export. From the dropdown select ‘PNG’ then select ‘Export’. You’ll be able to download PNG files wherever you saved it on your computer.

  • What is the reason for this conversion?

The AI file type is very useful in creating designs that fit into specific categories. It’s distinct from other image file types, generally performing things that other file types can’t. There is a point when the AI fails to meet the standards. It’s usually because of a lack of functionality or accessibility. With all its wonderful capabilities, specificity limits the AI file extensively.

It is typically opened with Adobe Illustrator, a program that not all users have access to. If you convert your image to PNG format, you’ll be able to share your files faster. Not only that, recipients of the shared images will have a much easier time opening and editing these files.

The AI was intended to help create very specific design details. At some point, the AI format will have served its purpose and you’ll then need To share or edit it. This inevitability requires the use of a different file type, so make sure you have a conversion method in mind.


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