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The AI extension for files is linked with the Illustrator software. But, not all users have the ability to access Illustrator. If this is the case it is sensible switching to a different format for files. The conversion of an AI into JPG is essential in the case of sharing or sending images files to other sources. Learn about this conversion, and what benefits from doing this. This is a complete guide.

  • What is an AI?

AI Image file extension can be described as one of the Adobe Illustrator file extension that is widely used by companies because of its scalability. It utilizes the unique graphic type, vector which connects dots to produce images. With AI users, they are able to change the size of their images without losing their original resolution. Most companies use AI to create logo graphics.

  • What is a JPG?

The JPG is an extension for lossy compression files. Lossy compression is a type of file that is able to be reduced in size but without losing the original resolution. The JPG can be interchanged with the JPEG as they’re the format used by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Businesses typically employ the JPG for editing images.

  • How can I convert AI to JPG ?

Using Windows:

  • Open the desired AI file with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Choose the section of the file you want to use.
  • Click File and then select Export from the drop-down menu.
  • The save windows will appear. Select the destination you want to save your file.
  • Write the name you would like to use for the file (recommended to not save the file with the same name as the original AI file to avoid confusion)
  • Select the “Save as type” dropdown menu, and then choose either ‘JPG’, or ‘JPEQG”
  • Click the Save button

Using Mac:

  • Open the desired AI file with Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator
  • Choose the section of the file you want to utilize.
  • Select File, then Export’
  • In the save window that you have opened Select the destination and filename you want to save.
  • Select a file format (JPG or JPEG) from the pop-up window for “format”
  • Click ‘export’
  • Why do we convert AI to JPG?

There are a variety of reasons why one may need to change an AI to JPG. It is because the AI images are exclusive for Adobe Illustrator but not everybody utilizes Adobe. The decision to convert the file to an JPG image file is likely to please a majority of people if your goal was to give the file to others. Then, they would be able to view the file using Windows and Mac.

It could be due to space. The typical AI file is huge and heavy on space, while the typical JPG file is around 70% smaller. This is detrimental to the size of hard drives because of the time it takes to transmit files to third-party. A smaller size image file allows websites to have quicker loading times, which is an enormous benefit for keeping visitors happy on their website.

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